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How to Safely Dine Out with Food Allergies

As a person with food allergies, you often live your life in constant worry about accidentally eating the wrong foods, possibly containing your allergen. You may take extreme measures at times to avoid your food allergen at all costs. For some, that means they rarely dine out, and for others, the idea of eating out […]

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are allergies genetic?

Are Allergies Genetic? Find Out Now

For over 100 years, scientists have wondered what really causes allergies. The recent increase in the number of individuals with food allergies has amplified the public’s concern and triggered research dollars. Are allergies genetic or caused by exposure to environmental factors? The answer is both.  Allergies are the result of both genetics and environmental exposure. […]

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living with cat allergies

Living with Cat Allergies: Do’s and Don’ts

Cat Allergies Almost a third of Americans are allergic to cats and dogs, with the majority being allergic to cats. It can be difficult to determine your allergic triggers when you have pets living with you.  That’s because your home also contains other allergens that could be causing your suffering. Some of these other allergens […]

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the tale of our service dog, dulci

Why We Have a Service Dog at Our Clinic

The Tale of Dulci, the Monkey, and the Leopard Many of you have wondered why we have Dulci, our dog, in an allergist’s office. You may already know she is Beverly’s registered and licensed service dog.  Dulci can detect seizures, AFib, and drops in glucose levels before they manifest as physical symptoms.  Service dogs are […]

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