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Monthly Archives: April 2020

managing spring allergies

Managing Spring Allergies During COVID-19 Pandemic

After months of cold, we welcome the end of winter and the blooming colors of spring. As much as most of us enjoy springtime, we are not so thrilled with the spring allergies that follow. Spring allergies are common and there is no cure.  However, specific prevention strategies can help ease discomfort and control the […]

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common food intolerances

A Short Guide to Common Food Intolerances

A food intolerance is any difficulty digesting food or adverse reactions to them. These are similar to food allergies, the main difference being that intolerances aren’t life-threatening. While food intolerances can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, they’re not uncommon: it’s estimated that as much as one-fifth of the world’s population lives with at least one food […]

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4 Signs of Lactose Intolerance

One of the most common food allergies is lactose intolerance, or the inability to digest dairy products properly. This is a common food intolerance and is found in up to 65% of adults and children. Consider the following guide for common signs of lactose intolerance. Common Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance 1. Diarrhea Many issues can cause […]

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coronavirus on surfaces

How Long Does Coronavirus Live On Surfaces You Touch Every Day?

Hello, I’m Ian Wahl, founder and clinical director of St. Louis Allergy Relief Center in Chesterfield, Missouri. Lately, I’ve received some emails from patients asking me if I know how long the coronavirus or COVID-19 lasts on the things that we touch every day. Considering how frightened people are and how much misinformation there is […]

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