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Our purpose is to help as many people as possible who are experiencing allergies, asthma, or sensitivities to food or their environment reach their optimal level of health using Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT), a breakthrough, holistic, natural therapy.

Our purpose moves us beyond the goal of just relieving suffering to the vision of promoting optimal health and well-being for all men, women and children.

We deliver community workshops to provide the public with information they can use to improve their health naturally.

As the Yellow Emperor said 3000 years ago, "The inferior physician merely treats, the superior physician also teaches". The more educated the public is about the benefits of AAT's successful, natural solutions to allergies and sensitivities, the more healthy our world becomes.


My name is Dr. Ian Wahl and I’m the founder and Medical Director of St. Louis Allergy Relief Center as well as the founder of Midwest Allergy Relief Center located in the Chicago suburbs.

I was born and raised in Tennessee. I am an alumnus of both Washington University and St. Louis University as well as having completed further post-graduate work at the College of Oriental Medicine. I am also blessed to work with my wife, Beverly, and our son, Dr. Aaron Wahl. Beverly manages our office and is also the patient coordinator. Dr. Aaron has been an established Chiropractor in Chesterfield, MO and is now a treating physician at our clinic with advanced training in our unique AAT allergy treatments.

Beverly and I have extensive personal experience dealing with allergies. Our oldest son, Todd, suffered with asthma as a child. We understand firsthand the fears and difficulties, and the in’s and out’s, of dealing with asthma.

We also understand firsthand about food allergies and sensitivities as well as autoimmune diseases. Our daughter, Pamela, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost 20 years ago. And she was also anaphylactic to seafood. Although Celiac Disease is not a food allergy and therefore we cannot treat it, everyone who has Celiac Disease will also develop some food allergies and sensitivities, and those we do successfully treat.

To round out our family, Dr. Aaron Wahl also suffered with food allergies as a child.

Beverly and I (and our children) became experts in understanding and dealing with allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, Celiac Disease, food sensitivities and anaphylaxis.

In addition to managing our clinic, Beverly has also help counsel parents dealing with the death of a child. Tragically, our oldest son Captain Todd Wahl, was killed while serving in the United States Air Force a few years ago.

I guess you can now see why we specialize in not only treating allergies and other sensitivities, but also have such a passion for helping people, and for providing encouragement, hope, and healing to those suffering.

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