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A Touching Tale of Love for the Holidays

A Touching Tale of Love for the Holidays   My father died on Christmas Eve of a sudden heart attack when I was young.  And 18 years ago, Beverly and I buried our son, Captain Todd Wahl, six weeks before Christmas.  Perhaps those life-changing events are why I was originally […]

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are allergies genetic?

Are Allergies Genetic? Find Out Now

For over 100 years, scientists have wondered what really causes allergies. The recent increase in the number of individuals with food allergies has amplified the public’s concern and triggered research dollars. Are allergies genetic or caused by exposure to environmental factors? The answer is both.  Allergies are the result of […]

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8 Reasons to Choose St. Louis Allergy

When it comes to receiving treatment for any medical condition, we have a lot more choices than we once did. We no longer are forced to go to the same physician our grandparents did, to receive the same treatment that may or may not work.   One of the best […]

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