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Am I Allergic to Avocados? | Find Out the Symptoms Between Intolerance vs. Allergy

There are many triggers that can cause negative reactions within the human immune system. One such food is avocado. Unfortunately, diagnosing an avocado sensitivity can  be tricky.    One of the reasons why it is hard to identify avocado allergies is because it often presents as a cross-over between different allergies. For example, oftentimes, latex […]

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No Pills, No Herbal Remedies... and No Problems!

No Pills, No Herbal Remedies… and No Problems!

Are you looking to treat your allergies but do not want to undergo invasive treatments? Then, St. Louis Allergy Relief Center has the perfect treatment options for you. As a holistically based treatment center, we offer allergy relief with no shots, no pain, no pills, no herbal remedies… and most importantly, no problems. Keep reading […]

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How Holistic Care is Sustainable and Long Lasting

How Holistic Care is Sustainable and Long-Lasting

Holistic care is a proven sustainable and long-lasting way to treat health conditions. The reason why it is so sustainable is mutli-faceted, as holistic care is not just a way to treat, but it is an approach to overall human wellness. Characterized by long-term benefits, holistic health focuses on the human body as a whole, […]

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Can Allergies Cause Bloating?

Can Allergies Cause Bloating? | What You Need to Know

The foundational premise of Holistic medicine is that the human body consists of a set of interdependent systems that affect each other physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.  In other words, it is grounded in the belief that a reaction in one part of your body will affect other body parts too.    When someone […]

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Holistic Healthcare: Everything is Interconnected and Dependent

In recent years, holistic medical practices and treatments have risen in popularity. Considering its ancient origins in Eastern, Native American, and European cultures, holistic medicine is an extremely old and effective approach to healthcare. Many patients have found relief from an array of medical disorders and diagnoses.

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