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allergic to fragrances

Can You be Allergic to Fragrances?

Allergies to perfumes, colognes, and the fragrances used in everything from room deodorizers to fabric softeners to soaps are widespread. Studies have shown that about 30% of the United States population has sensitives to various fragrances and perfumes.    So, what do you do if this is a problem for […]

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Allergy Myths and One Fact

Five Allergy Myths and One Fact

Myth: Dry Climates are the Best for Allergies Pollens and fungus or molds are found everywhere.  You can move away from one set of allergens, but unfortunately you will probably develop new sensitivities wherever you end up.   Myth: Beaches are the Best for Allergies Since ragweed pollen can be […]

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changes in weather

Are Changes in Weather Affecting Your Allergy Symptoms?

When most people think of common allergy symptoms like nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and headaches, they think these are all allergic reactions to something. However, sometimes these symptoms are not caused by allergies, but are a sensitivity reaction – specifically to the weather. Changes in the weather, such as […]

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How to Manage Pet Allergies in Your Household

October is in full swing, and the weather will be starting to turn a bit chilly as we get into November and December. As a result, people will be huddling inside once again for the winter. This also means people will be spending a lot more time with their pets […]

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How to Enjoy Fall Without Triggering Fall Allergies

The air is getting crisp, and the leaves are changing, which means Autumn is approaching and fall allergy season is about to rear its head. Fall allergens are more hidden than the obvious springtime tree pollen that coats our cars outside.  Although fall allergy triggers may be different than those […]

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