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Alpha-Gal Syndrome Meat Allergy: Symptoms, Causes & What to Do When Bitten

What is Alpha-gal Syndrome? Alpha-Gal Syndrome (AGS) is a peculiar and potentially life-altering allergic condition triggered by the lone star tick’s bite. Unlike typical food allergies, AGS doesn’t stem from proteins but from a sugar molecule called alpha-gal, present in the meat of most mammals, except for humans and apes. […]

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allergic to jewelry

Are You Allergic to Jewelry?

Allergic to Jewelry: Did one of your favorite necklaces leave you feeling itchy or red? Or did a random patch of bumps on your wrist surface after wearing the new bracelet you were just gifted? Is this the first time you are experiencing an allergic reaction to jewelry? Or has […]

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Allergies in August | The End of Summer Misery

Most people identify seasonal allergies with spring pollen and then confuse summer allergy symptoms with a common cold or Covid. Summer and spring allergy symptoms are the same—runny nose, coughing and sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, or a sore throat. Typically, seasonal allergy symptoms do not include fever and shortness of breath which are more common with colds and Covid.
August is usually considered the start of summer allergies.  That is the month when ragweed surfaces as the most common allergen.

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