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April 4, 2019

5 Secrets for Beating Summer Allergies

5 Secrets for Beating Summer Allergies, photo of ragweed

Everything You Need Know to Stay Ahead of Summer Allergies

The allergy relievers have all the secrets you need for staying refreshed and healthy this Summer. Let’s beat Summer allergies together. Here’s a list of 5 must-have secrets for beating Summer allergies in St.Louis. 

I think you’ll agree, those of us who suffer from allergies struggle to make it through the great outdoors in the summer.

The Center for Disease Control estimates nearly 4 million Americans miss work or school due to severe allergy symptoms every year.

Summer should be a time for taking your work vacations, not wasting your sick days.

Conquer your Summer allergies with our 5 important tips.

Before we get into our 5 must-have tips for beating Summer allergies, let’s examine some popular Summer allergy symptoms.

Did you know many people confuse allergic rhinitis symptoms, or nasal allergies, with the common cold or flu-like symptoms?

There’s a good chance you may be wasting your sick days fighting a treatable allergy without even knowing.

Allergic rhinitis or nasal allergies are under-diagnosed.

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis include:

  • Constant fatigue
  • Constant sneezing
  • Post nasal drip
  • Nasal congestion
  • Nasal itching
  • Runny nose
  • Constant watery eyes
  • Itchy eyes

Did you know people are usually not allergic to flowers in the Summer?

Seasonal allergies, like Summer allergies, are symptoms brought on by pollen from weeds, grasses, and trees. Summer allergies can also be brought on by mold and dust mites.

Jacobaea vulgaris summer allergy

Symptoms of Summer allergies include:

  • sneezing
  • itchy watery eyes
  • runny nose
  • nasal congestion
  • Itchy throat
  • Dark circles around the eyes

One of the most important allergy symptoms to be mindful of in the Midwest is allergic reactions to ragweed.

Ragweed allergies start in the summer while the plant is flowering and last throughout the fall. The wind carries ragweed pollens some 100 miles over the Missouri planes. Allergic reactions to ragweed can cause drowsiness, sore sinuses and outbursts of the eczema rash. For more information on how to beat ragweed visit our other blog post:


Now that we have uncovered some of the most crucial Summer allergy symptoms, it’s time to look at some secrets ways to prevent seasonal allergies.

Let’s uncover 5 essential ways of staying ahead of Summer allergies. You won’t be able to enjoy the outdoors without them.

Deep Clean Your Home Regularly

Maintaining a clean living space is the first step for conquering the Summer allergy season. You don’t want to be battling runny noses, itchy eyes and constant sneezing inside the comforts of your home. As Summer stirs, so will the unattended dust bunnies and mites hanging out in your home. Be sure to close all the windows and open all the doors before cleaning. You don’t want to let other debris inside your home while you clean. Start by vacuuming all mattresses and floors. Change all the bedroom sheets. Bleach all bathrooms and drains. Wash down all windows and screens.

Take Your Pet to The Groomers More Often

Let’s face it, shunning your pet this Summer is not an option. Not with that cute face!  Treating your dog to a day at the doggie spa can seem unfair when you are the person with the stuffy nose. Investing in pet grooming, however, will greatly improve the quality of life at your home. Most allergens enter your household on the backs of your furry pet. Traces of weeds and pollens build on your pet’s fur and onto your fingertips. If your pet likes to play outside, we recommend heading into the groomers often for light grooming. Check out the de-shedding bath treatments at your favorite local groomer. Even Petco or PetSmart offer de-shedding for short hair dogs. Although these baths can take more time than simple grooming they are a perfect way to flush away excess debris and fur.  

Empty Your Air Filters More

If you haven’t already invested in a solid air filter for your home, you are missing out. We all know the most obvious tip in preventing Summer allergies is keeping your windows and doors sealed. Air filters will take your living conditions to next-level comfort. Remember air filters also exist in your car’s central air system. Air filters assist central air systems warming and cooling features. They also collect inches of dust, pollen and other allergen debris inside your car or home. Be sure to clean out your air filter at least a couple of times a week. Regularly cleaning of your air filters inside your car or home will prevent you from unnecessary coughing and sneezing.

Don’t have an air filter? We can’t emphasize enough just how important it is for you to clean household fans regularly throughout the Summer. You don’t want to be blowing allergens all over your bedroom sheets, living room sofa, and kitchen table. Opt for natural cleaning solutions, not harsh chemicals. Simply rinsing off household fans, and wiping down any air filters, will prevent itchy eyes and allergy attacks this Summer.

Wash your Hair after Going Outside

Pay close attention to our fourth tip reveal. Did you know pollen travels distances as far as 200 miles with the wind? Your hair collects excess pollens in the air. Even if you’re leaving the office to slip into your gym clothes at home, take five minutes to wash the pollen and debris out of your hair before leaving for the gym. We recommend keeping a mist bottle of water in your office or at home. Give yourself a few light veils of mist throughout the day to stay fresh and pollen-free. This tip will do wonders in your fight against Summer allergies.

Check Pollen Counts

Did you know local pollen counts are actually a public resource? If you struggle with perennial allergies you will want to be aware of what times of the day have the highest pollen counts. Why play a game of pollen roulette every time you head outdoors? Never be caught off guard about the abundance of pollen during your daily commute again. Checking the pollen counts in your neighborhood is especially helpful for those of us with small children. The Center for Disease Control estimates that of the 40 million Americans suffering from chronic allergies, 30% are children. Know that recent data proves your son or daughter is not the only boy or girl on the playground battling allergies. Speak with your child’s camp counselor about planning indoor activities around peak pollen hours. It’s worth the peace of mind.

Check Local Pollen Counts Here:


Now you know our five must-have secrets for beating Summer allergies.

We hope you use our tips to have the best Summer vacation yet. Send us your pictures on social media!


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