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June 24, 2019

How to Manage Your Child’s Food Allergies at Home and School

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As a parent to a child with food allergies, you’re likely committed to doing everything you can to keep them safe, no matter where they are. Luckily, there are some helpful tips you can follow to create an effective plan to prevent exposure. The short guide below outlines some of these suggestions, so you can manage your child’s allergies at home and school. 

Managing Food Allergies at Home

The key to staying on top of your child’s allergies at home is diligence. Whenever you go grocery shopping, always check the ingredients listed on any packaged products you buy; this will ensure you don’t accidentally give your child a product that contains dangerous components. Always remember, food manufacturers constantly replace suppliers. In other words, just because your allergen wasn’t present in the product you bought last week, doesn’t mean it is isn’t in the one you are currently purchasing.

When you’re cooking with produce and meat, clean them before cooking and serving them in case they were exposed to your child’s allergens in the packaging process. If you’re ordering out, always let the restaurant manager know what your child is allergic to so they can modify their recipes and cooking procedures. Don’t assume that because a menu item looks ok for your child, that it really is ok.  For example, if you have Celiac Disease and the restaurant prints a gluten-free menu, doesn’t mean there can’t be cross-contamination in the kitchen. Always ask. 

Managing Food Allergies at School and Camp

Preparing allergy-free meals and snacks yourself and providing them to the school or camp your child is attending, does not ensure against cross-contamination.  The most important key to managing your child’s sensitivities while they’re away is to make clear to the school/camp staff of their needs. If your child is particularly allergic to airborne particles in a food, such as peanuts or gluten containing flour, impress upon the school or camp to make sure they aren’t exposed to these triggers during lunch and snack time. If the school or camp won’t ensure your child isn’t given any snacks, products, or medications that contain dangerous ingredients, don’t send your child there.

Treatment Options for Food Allergies and Sensitivities

There are options for treating many different food sensitivities.  Find a holistic doctor or practitioner, like those at St. Louis Allergy Relief Center, who specializing in treating allergies and sensitivities naturally. Have your child tested by that holistic clinic and keep up with your appointments regularly. You can also supplement your child with extra vitamin C and Quercetin to bolster their immune system, if they aren’t sensitive to supplements.

If you have a child with a food allergy, bring them to the professionals at St. Louis Allergy Relief Center in Chesterfield, MO. We offer effective, holistic management plans, so your little one can stay safe and live worry-free. Visit our website for more information on our services or call 314-384-9304 to schedule an appointment. 

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