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July 5, 2022

Tired All of the Time? Try These Foods

Foods to help tiredness

Are you tired all the time?  Have you tried going to bed early, setting a schedule, and exercising regularly, but still struggle with exhaustion? If so, we want to help you. Try these Foods to help tiredness.

Here at St. Louis Allergy Relief Center, we are a holistic allergy wellness clinic.  We treat allergies and sensitivities from seasonal and pet allergies to gastrointestinal issues and other ailments. But in this article we are using our platform to share ways that can help you stop hitting the snooze button in the morning—try eating more of these foods: 

Unprocessed Foods to Help Tiredness

Think of unprocessed foods as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Processed foods are primarily composed of trans fats, artificial ingredients and additives that cause your metabolism to slow down, making you feel sluggish. 

Additionally, processed foods stay in your system longer, making it harder to properly digest and break down the important macronutrients you need and thus can cause intestinal issues. Therefore, eliminating processed foods from your diet will make you feel lighter, sharper, and healthier overall.  Fresh unprocessed foods to help tiredness are always kinder and easier on your body. You will feel like your old self in no time. 

Non-Caffeinated Beverages 

It’s one thing to start your day with a cup of coffee, but did you eat breakfast too? If not, you are going to need another cup. Recent research has shown that while caffeine in moderation is fine, it is not a sustainable source of energy, nor is it consistent. When you drink caffeine, you may feel a short-term influx of energy. Yet, once the rush has dissipated you may crash and end up back where you started… in bed. 

Therefore, our advice is to reduce or cut out caffeinated beverages and replace them with sustainable sources of energy such as healthy foods, water, plant-based juices, etc. Furthermore, by cutting caffeine, you may no longer have to deal with the highs and lows of drinking stimulants just to get going or keep going. 

Whole Grains and Complex Carbohydrates 

Refined carbs come in the form of sugars, white flour, sweeteners, and white rice, etc. Similar to the makeup of processed foods, refined carbs elicit rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels that are contrasted by a steep comedown… a direct cause of exhaustion. 


Thus, by choosing whole grains and unrefined carbs, you will avoid sugar highs and allow your body to break down macronutrients you need for overall health. Also, by choosing whole grains, your body will feel full and satisfied; unlike refined carbs that only provide short-term relief of hunger. Whole grains are also correlated to maintaining healthier body weights as well as lower risks of heart disease and certain cancers. 


Getting enough quality sleep also helps you handle stress. It is evident that making the transition from refined carbs to complex ones, as well as adding whole grains and removing processed foods from your diet, will give you sustainable amounts of energy making it easier to get out of bed to get your day started! 

And now that we have given you some broad direction as to where to take your diet next, we wanted to provide you with some specific foods that you can try today in order to lessen levels of fatigue. 

  1. Bananas: provide sustainable amounts of energy and provide the same amount of fuel as an energy drink! (Or more) 
  2. Oats: easy to make and even easier to take on the go, oatmeal can serve as the perfect breakfast or lunch to provide you with energy for the entire day. However, make sure to choose brands that are not using extra sugars or refined carbohydrates! 
  3. Almonds and Walnuts: offering high levels of Omega-3, almonds and walnuts increase the ability to stay awake and alert. They can be the perfect snack! Whether you are taking them to work or packing them in your child’s lunch, they are a fantastic source of energy. 
  4. Spinach: do you have low levels of iron? If you do, that can be a primary source of fatigue. Thus, to counteract that, try adding spinach into your diet. This vegetable serves as a fantastic source of folate, iron, and vitamin C. Whether you add it into your eggs for breakfast or a salad for lunch or dinner, spinach is a tasty and great solution to being overtired! 
  5. Eggs: speaking of breakfast… have eggs! Eggs serve as alternatives for vitamins D and B-12, meanwhile they provide sources of iron, choline, and protein. Just like oats, eggs have long lasting rejuvenating qualities and will keep you awake throughout the day. 
  6. Watermelon: if you are dehydrated, that could be a key issue as to why you are struggling with exhaustion. How to combat that? Try adding more watermelon into your diet. The colorful fruit offers antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can relieve muscle and joint pain. 
  7. Avocados: a fan favorite! Compromising fiber, healthy fats, and vitamins; avocados are a great form of sustainable energy. Versatile in their form too, you can pair an avocado with breakfast, lunch, or dinner… making them one of the best foods to get your energy levels up! 
  8. Kale: serving as another fantastic source of iron, kale is a great choice that will keep you up and ready to go! This vegetable carries oxygen to our cells and tissues which boosts energy and mood. Moreover, kale gives us direct sources of calcium, vitamin B, and folate! 

Mix it up! Find what foods make you feel your best. Remember to start your day with foods that will keep you feeling awake through the day. Sustainable foods give you sustainable energy! 

St. Louis Allergy Relief Center is here to help!

Now that we have provided some options that can help you beat fatigue, we hope you find the perfect diet for you. However, some of you reading this may have food allergies or sensitivities that make eating difficult.  The good news is that sensitivities to food are common and successfully treatable at St. Louis Allergy Relief Center. 

St. Louis Allergy Relief Center treats allergies holistically without the use of pain or pills. We are an allergy wellness center specializing in natural treatments using Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT). After completing a comprehensive assessment, we provide you with a detailed evaluation and treatment plan to help with the seasonal, food, environmental, and chemical stressors that may be triggering allergies or allergy-like symptoms. Visit our website to learn more or call us at 314-384-9304.