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June 15, 2022

Why is Holistic Care SO Important?

Holistic care

Holistic care: If you are unfamiliar with the term, “holistic”, it is characterized by personalized treatment that goes beyond just pharmaceutical and surgical care. The concept of holistic health is deeply rooted in the understanding that physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs factor into overall health. In other words, every part of your being affects the other. 

The rise of natural and holistic medicine in the United States is primarily due to the increase in patients who have not found relief with conventional medical treatments.  At St. Louis Allergy Relief Center, we use non-invasive practices: no drugs, no surgery, no needles, no herbal remedies, no supplements, and no avoidance. Furthermore, our treatments can be used on people of any age or demographic as they are gentle, safe, effective and personalized to each patient. 

Although holistic health care providers can address a wide range of health issues—headaches, anxiety, fatigue, pain and many other mental and physical health disorders—at St. Louis Allergy Relief Center we specialize in the holistic treatment of allergies and sensitivities.  These can include respiratory and seasonal allergies as well as skin problems, digestive issues, and chemical sensitivities. 

But the list doesn’t end there.  Stomach and intestinal problems often stem from sensitivities to foods and the environment. In fact, whether the symptom is hay fever, skin eruptions, chemical or digestive sensitivities, when you look at the triggers to each, you find they cross-react with each other. For example, grass pollen allergens cross-react with food allergy proteins in tomato, white potato, garlic, onion, lettuce, celery, corn and other vegetables.  People with tree pollen allergies can cross-react with stone fruits such as peaches and apricots as well as apples and grapes, to name a few.  The cross-reactions may be minor at first, but they increase the reaction a person has to whatever they are sensitive to.

It has been proven that struggling with any health challenge increases the level of cortisol and adrenaline (also known as “stress hormones”) throughout your entire body. Those stress hormones trigger our fight-or-flight response to any stressor, including allergies and sensitivities.  Long-term exposure to an overproduction of these stress hormones disrupts the immune system. People with chronic allergies, whether pollen or pet or perfume allergies, food or digestive sensitivities, or skin conditions, run the risk of long-term stress-induced problems from headaches and migraines to auto-immune conditions.  As you can see, assessing any health problem holistically requires a comprehensive evaluation of the person.

Which brings us to another benefit of holistic healthcare—preventative and sustainable treatment. The overall goal of St. Louis Allergy Relief Center is to help change your life for the better without the use of medicines and injections which tend to provide only short-term relief.  

At St. Louis Allergy Relief Center, we want to reduce the stress that is triggered by struggling with allergic reactions, respiratory issues, skin and digestive conditions.  We get to the root core of the triggers and treat them with Advanced Allergy Therapeutics.  Our treatments are safe, effective, and gentle enough for infants and seniors. We understand how these sensitivities can control your life, as your physical challenges can turn into emotional hardships for yourself and your family.

To recap,

Holistic allergy treatments can help with: 

  • Allergy symptom reduction
  • Higher functioning immune system which in turn reduces vulnerability to infections
  • Help digestive functioning 
  • Improved day-to-day life
  • Reduced levels of anxiety and stress triggered by allergies and sensitivities
  • Help reduce likelihood of developing clinical depression symptoms
  • Help increase performance in school, work, or at home 
  • Help raise overall self-worth 

We hope you learned something useful from this article.  When receiving health care, whether conventional or alternative, you deserve to be acknowledged for the entirety of your being and not just for your symptoms.

St. Louis Allergy Relief Center is here to help! 

St. Louis Allergy Relief Center treats allergies holistically without the use of pain or pills. We are an allergy wellness center specializing in natural treatments using Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT). After completing a comprehensive assessment, we provide you with a detailed evaluation and treatment plan to help with the seasonal, food, environmental, and chemical stressors that may be triggering allergies or allergy-like symptoms. Visit our website to learn more or call us at 314-384-9304.