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March 23, 2023

No Pills, No Herbal Remedies… and No Problems!

No Pills, No Herbal Remedies... and No Problems!

Are you looking to treat your allergies but do not want to undergo invasive treatments? Then, St. Louis Allergy Relief Center has the perfect treatment options for you. As a holistically based treatment center, we offer allergy relief with no shots, no pain, no pills, no herbal remedies… and most importantly, no problems. Keep reading and find out more about the benefits of non-invasive treatment! 

What is Holistic Treatment? 

Defined by “an attitudinal approach to health care as opposed to a particular set of techniques” holistic treatment addresses many different dimensions of health and overall well. Holistic treatments are also incredibly individualized, as treatment is conducted with consideration of each patient’s psychological, familial, societal, and spiritual well-being. On the other hand, holistic treatment addresses healthcare and the human body as one whole, with individual aspects that are dependent, yet affect the human system as a whole. 


The reason holistic treatment considers the human body as a whole is because of the many systems that work together to allow us to be able to properly function. Additionally, when dealing with allergies and sensitivities, it is important to note that different conditions affect the body differently and can cause different underlying conditions. Meanwhile, for each and every person, their mechanisms are different, making each patient an individual and their treatment plans different. 


For example, holistic treatment will not just address a health issue, but it will address how one particular health issue affects your body as a whole. In contrast to more conventional forms of medicine that approach physical illnesses and conditions as independent variables, often neglecting how one bodily problem can affect other aspects of your health (i.e. your mental well-being). Therefore, Holistic Treatment is an excellent option for patients looking to get more well-rounded care. And considering the fact that holistic treatments are non-invasive, you can get the help you need in a painless and timely manner. For more information on what makes treatments non-invasive, keep reading! 

No Pills, No Herbal Remedies… But Why? 

When it comes to non-invasive treatment there are many benefits. Some of the benefits include: no incisions, stitches, or scars, little risk for complications, minimal pain and discomfort, no hospital stays, and minimal recovery/down time when receiving treatment. On the other hand, with no pills or herbal remedies, your body will be able to recover itself while also mitigating a-typical negative side effects. 


Additionally, considering the fact that pharmaceuticals and herbal remedies are two growing industries, the medical-based solutions they offer do not always ensure better results. If anything, with the side effects of many medications still misunderstood, taking an approach that does not require the use of medication or herbal remedies can help you to feel better, faster, without the anxiety of developing other conditions. For example, certain allergy medications can cause high blood pressure in the long run, on top of stomach ulcers, increased blood sugar, among other negative effects. 

Therefore, if you can avoid pills, herbal remedies, and other forms of invasive treatment, you will be able to get better long-term results and in a more timely fashion. Nor will you have to worry about the rise of other health conditions and your treatment will be painless. Treating allergies has never been easier and less painful than it is right now with the rise of holistic forms of treatment. 

Options for Non-Invasive Treatments 

At St. Louis Allergy Relief, our purpose remains focused on treating as many patients as possible who are struggling with allergies, asthma, or sensitivities to food/their environment. The way we approach non-invasive treatment is through AAT, which is known as Advanced Allergy Therapeutics. The AAT method has a deep-rooted history in natural medicine and has been backed by years of clinical research. With that in mind, that is why AAT treatment is painless and does not rely on the use of medications, herbal remedies, or supplements, making it perfectly applicable to patients of all ages, even infants. 


Instead of using needles, St. Louis Allergy Relief offers precision-based acupressure that treats the affected organ systems when dealing with allergic reactions. Other conditions that can also be addressed include: 

  • Digestive System Based Reactions 
  • Respiratory System Issues
  • Dermatological (Skin) Issues 
  • Headaches and Migraines 
  • Tiredness and Fatigue 
  • Multiple Systems – Including Behavior, Mood Swings, and ADHD 
  • General Substances and Stimuli 


With the multiple health issues and problems you can address using non-invasive treatment, we suggest taking a holistic approach when getting the treatment you need and deserve. Considering the clinical trials and research that has gone into understanding the true benefits of holistic care, it is evident that this type of treatment will continue to make patients experience less side effects, better results, and less trial and error when it comes to identifying various medical conditions. 


For more information on ways to combat allergies or sensitivities to different foods and environments, consider holistic treatment. Taking a non-invasive approach to healthcare is revolutionizing patient care and making it better than ever. If you want to learn more about holistic care for allergies and sensitivities, check out one of our latest articles:


Here at St. Louis Allergy Relief, we are always looking for more effective ways to approach patient care while also finding new ways to conduct non-invasive treatments. Keep updated on our blog or check out our website… or better yet, schedule a consultation today. There is no need to suffer any longer from allergies, digestive system issues, or tiredness and fatigue. Get long-term results with holistic treatment and get started today. We offer different strategies for individual patients and consider what we can do to provide sustainable care. Feel better and find a treatment plan that is tailored to you – the holistic way. 


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March 23, 2023 AAT

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